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Discover how even a novice can quickly become a prosperous real estate investor. You’ll learn how to negotiate with sellers, how to avoid common mistakes, how to recruit a dream team, how to find “the diamonds in the rough” and much, much, much more! 

Annetta Powell’s story is like something out of a Hollywood movie. She survived an abusive relationship and a violent sexual assault to go on to build a real estate empire, which she then lost in the real estate crash of 2009-2010. She also was indicted on Mortgage Fraud charges for assisting buyers with down payment money to purchase properties!

 But none of that was able to hold her down. After getting released from prison, she went right back to what she does best – building wealth.

 She has sold more than 600 properties totaling $50 million dollars in real estate sales. She also now owns: five tax franchises known as the Tax Experts; a luxury party bus company; a women’s clothing store; and she is starting new business ventures as you read this! She’s become the very definition of a serial entrepreneur.

 Inside you’ll learn how Annetta built wealth and lost it all and how those experiences prepared her to achieve even greater success. If you are ready to be inspired … ready to break out and succeed as an entrepreneur … this is most certainly the book for you!


Hardcore Facts About Real Estate Investing - Book Version
Learn the hardcore Facts about real estate investing.  This book will teach you the difference between Wholesaling, Flipping and Landlording.  This book is a fast read.  Make sure you purchase your copy today.

Don’t try to create a digital product without reading this first! This book is absolutely loaded with expert tips. You’ll discover everything you need to know to be a successful digital product marketer today. All the most commonly asked questions are answered! 


Imagine being able to create $100K in just 90 days! Well, that is exactly what is revealed in this game-changing book. This is your chance to escape the living paycheck-to-paycheck struggle and learn how to build real wealth … fast!

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